Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Replacement Cable End Loop Now Available

First, thanks to the more than two thousand Saturn owners whose manual shifters contain one of my stainless steel or Delrin shifter bushings.  With all these fail-proof bushings installed, the number of molded cable end loops now reaching the normal end of their service life is on the rise.  Because there is no significant wear to the shifter cable sheaths and cores, it makes sense to replace your weak or broken cable end loop.  Engineered to be super-strong and easy to install, the replacement end loop is machined from tough moly-impregnated nylon and clamps onto the cable end-shaft with two opposing set screws.  The screws themselves have dog-toothed tips which bite into the shaft, and are pre-treated with Vibra-Tite so they won't loosen over time.  Like my bushings, these end loops are guaranteed to never break or wear out for as long as you own your Saturn.  Comes with an allen wrench and powdered Teflon dry lube, all for $29 plus $3 S&H via First-Class Mail [$6.75 S&H via Priority Mail].  If ordered with a stainless or Delrin bushing, both ship free via Priority Mail!  For installation photos, go to

Please note that my PayPal and email address is now, and my cell number is now 505-670-8548.  Thanks!  Jerry 

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Saturn Shifter Bushing Fix

After the plastic shifter bushing failed last fall on my wife's '96 Saturn with 55K miles I learned that this is a common problem with '91-02 S-series Saturns with manual transmissions. A study of the factory bushing revealed that the rubberized plastic is too weak because it is too thin. A polished stainless steel replacement bushing fixes the problem permanently. Have a look at photos showing the bushing kit, installation over the ball-end shaft of the Saturn shifter, and the final assembly at .

The kit includes a detailed guide which makes installation easy and straightforward. The stainless steel bushing itself is precision-machined to fit over and completely encapsulate the ball-end shaft at the bottom of the shifter where it is permanently attached using JB-Weld two-part adhesive. [Check to learn more about this amazing product.] The shifter cable end-loop fits the bushing snugly but with clearance for free movement, and is guided on both sides by rigid nylon washers which help reduce cable bowing during 1-2 and 3-4 shifts, and secured with an E-clip. A dab of powdered Teflon further reduces any possible friction or wear. If future disassembly is ever required, the cable is easily removed from the shifter bushing by prying the E-clip from its groove.

The $29 bushing kit consists of a precision machined and polished stainless steel bushing, fitted nylon guide washers, an E-clip, powdered Teflon with applicator, and a detailed installation guide. Packing, handling, and shipping via USPS First Class Mail is $3; 8.25% tax on the total to Texas addresses. Insurance is recommended but optional at $1.50. Overnight delivery is also available if needed. Most shipments go out the same day that PayPal payment is made to, which is also where your email will reach me. As of 01/01/06 more than 300 Saturn owners from Florida to Hawaii have been 100% successful repairing their shifters using one of these kits [some had their dealer or mechanic do the installation].

A copy of the installation guide emailed upon request. Please email with any questions or concerns. Thanks! Jerry

UPDATE: March 2006 -- An easy-to-install exact drop-in replacement bushing machined from Delrin is available for $19.99. Delrin is MUCH stronger than Saturn's original rubbery plastic and is not affected by heat, cold, or age. Installation is simple: swab a tiny bit of Teflon powder inside the cable end-loop, insert the bushing into the cable end, then pop the assembly onto the shifter with pliers or channel-locks. The bushing's machined internal contour grabs the ball-end stub shaft and can not work loose. Yet, if needed, it can be pried off and popped back on without weakening its mechanical grip. Like the stainless bushing above, for as long as you own your Saturn, the Delrin bushing is guaranteed never to break or wear out.